“You are my #1”

Me: Awwe, I wish you were here.
Him: I know, you do…So that I can read the article for you.
Me: No, silly. So I can hold you.
Him: is Lilo afraid of you again?
Me: No 🙁
Him:  then why is she not there with you?
Me: cuz…
Him: I see…I’m not your first choice.
Me: Well, you are…my #2.
Him: I see…
Me: Well…see…no. You’re my 1.5.
Him: oh, really? So this is what I get for wanting a wife..to be married to you is to be your #2.
Me: no, your marrying to me will make you #1.
Him: Oh?
Me: Yes, baby. You are my #1.
Him: and Lilo?
Me:… She’s my point 75.

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