July 7

This month has been interesting so far.

So I spent more than I should in a week but that’s OK because I am loving life right now.  Not only loving life but I feel blessed and grateful for the things I have, the things I spent on and the things I’ve spent on to have which make me feel grateful.

I went on a short vacation after 2 long days at the new job.  Oh, work place.  People are super nice.  They are extremely nice and sweet.  Although they are nice and sweet, they did not forget to warn me that dramas will find my way despite the fact that people are nice and sweet. I appreciate it much. At least they weren’t sugarcoating things.

So for the first day, my new boss took me around campus, the areas including the rich and poor parts of the city, external important places and then to lunch.  We spent a whole day together which I suspected that we have walked –on foot– for about 6 hours. The second day was a bit relaxing but I forgot to eat lunch so I was drained; plus meeting new people requires more energy than just working.

To start my mini vacation, we set out to a nice time together, then to places…he bought me presents, I got him trinkets…then we spent more time together again although we were exhausted. He took me to see fireworks when we both were really tired.  He was checked out but still drove around, walked the hills, and stood to watch fireworks with me all because I said I have never watched fireworks with any of my exes.  He is indeed the first one ever watched fireworks with me.  While all I was bitching out and grumpy, I realized that I am absolutely, utterly, and completely in love with him.

He kills me with kindness and love.
He. just. kills. me. with. his. love.

We went to our first wedding together.  The wedding was small and intimate. I’m glad that he listened to me and stayed the whole time because he showed the groom the support of being a true friend. After the wedding, he told me, “Can our wedding be like that? small and intimate?”  It was nice to hear him saying things like that out of the blue once in a while.  It confirms that YES! he still wants to marry me!

(secretly, I want to be married to him too…)

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