love is still a luxury to me but now it seems like with his help and contribution, i can afford.

i love the man to bits. i’m not going to lie. he has grown on me and he is now a part of me. i don’t have to think about him, missing him for he is always with me. He talks about our future; he talks about how he will decorate our living room, how our house would look like. He mentioned about saving accounts and how he would like our wedding looks like. I love how he sticks out his face so I could kiss him…just randomly…his way of demanding to be kissed and loved.

I am honestly blown away just how he is as a person. i feel very blessed.

like every other relationship, we have our disagreements but we respect our differences.  i like the fact that he is caring. he asks why and how and what i’m feeling.  and i peels, like an onion, i feel and become vulnerable with him.  and i’m okay with that.  i learn to trust him. i trust him.

yup. i am in love.

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